Big Guy huh?

This page has been set up to show a certain Padraig McCaffrey 'who tha' man' really is, I suppose. After recieving an e-mail from him telling me about his new web-page I just thought I'd show him what a real web-page is. Also to stand up for those people, namely John Galvin, Ronan Barrett and Paul Dunbar whose beings have been villified on the aforementioned web page.

Ok for my first trick; Step right up. Pick a button any button, any button at all now, don't be shy.


This colour is especially for you PADRAIG seeing as it is your favourite!!

Hey, Wanna see Magic?

First of all you have to say a little incantation:"By the powers I recieve through my mouse I COMMAND you to change colour" Now wave your wand, i.e. your mouse, over the magic word. ***ABRACEDABRA*** Ohhhh, spooky or what, all it needs is a little elbow grease, HEY how'd that get in there??! Scary or what?
Ok my final trick: I know how long you've been here, uhahahaha (scary laugh supposedly)